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      Anhui Jinding Boiler Corporation Limited (Jinding Boiler) is primarily engaged in the research, development, consultation, manufacturing and installation of Municipal-Solid-Waste incineration boilers, municipal sludge incineration boilers, boio-mass incineration boilers, hazardous waste incineration boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, boiler parts, Liquefied Natural Gas transportation equipment and pressure bearing vessels. Jinding Boiler was established in 1958 and was privatized in 2004 after Anhui Provincial governmental approval. With assets over RMB 600 million on a land   JD
      over 47 acres, the manufacturing facility currently has a workforce of 500 employees and around 1000 sets of manufacturing equipment.
      Jinding Boiler is currently certified to manufacture Class A Boilers, design and manufacture D1 and D2 pressure vessels, manufacture A2 pressure vessels and holds Class I installation license in China. The company has a working Quality Program meeting the requirements of ISO9001:200, conforms to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and is authorized to use the “S” and “U” stamp and has also had experience manufacturing according to European EN standards.
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