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      ■ Technology
      >> Production equipment
      >> Production qualification
      >> Installation qualification
      >> Patent of invention
      >> Inspection equipment
      >> Service
      >> Service
      Pre-sale Service
      Before signing the contract, we would make a thorough investigation  for the nature of waste, bio-mass, sludge, hydrological and geological conditions, and the use and service of  boiler so as to select the best type of boiler for our customers.
      Mid-sale Service
      Timely communication with customers in the process of manufacture.
      Timely and safe delivery, and on-site service for handing over
      Field instructions for installation
      After-sale service
      Theoretical training for the stokers
      Commission after installation
      Testing and optimizing after the boiler is put into service
      Timely maintenance service within warranty period
      Life-time service after warranty period
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