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      The on-gong project of 200TPD Harmless treatment of sludge for power generation by our company is the only national model project with self-owned intellectual property rights in China. The project enjoys advantages of low operation cost, high efficiency of energy-saving & environmental protection, which can realize harmlessness, reduction and resource recycling for various municipal sludge treatment and has a broad market prospect. Innovated independently on the basis of introduction & absorption of advanced technology from abroad, the company registered several patents on its core technology. The product performance of this project is reliable and is now in the leading position internationally. The project has filled up a vacancy in this sector in China. It is listed into Model Projects of Municipal Sludge Treatment by the State Development & Reform Commission in 2011 and will be popularized all over China after its acceptance inspection. The project has not only realized “resource recycling” , “harmlessness” and “reduction” for sludge treatment, but meanwhile also has excellent economic benefits and great value of popularization.
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